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So i know this blog was like the lammest blog ever but i still appreciate the ppl who supported me and took time to watch my stupid posts and stuff and Im really thankful for it and Yh thankyou soo much and I dont really think this blog is gonna be on very much….. Im gonna be deleting all the unwanted stuff and just add some random stuff tht comes to my mind i guess… so yeah thankyou again!

Hi guys i know no one comes on here anymore i guess since I was a bit busy with aprsept’s blog so I think I might have a little time to spend here i know this blog is boring but if you anyone visits this blog still then I’ll be busy updating this blog with coll stuff so you guys can enjoy i got tons of plan but I’m not sure if you guys are on soo plz comment below if your on and I’ll start adding new stuff



There’s a guy..

Okay. There’s a guy in my school that ahm crushin’ on.
His name is Ollie, grey guy. He has chestnut hair with dark red tips, so other kids tease him cause of it. His dad lives in Australia at the moment and this kid (who will remain nameless, the f*cking b*stard) has been teasing him about it, saying:
oh your dad left you cause your ugly n ginger! so I told my mom about it, who told Ollie’s mom, who told our form tutor, who told our year head. He found out it was me who said it and I think we bonded a little cause of it. I mean, he told me what he wants his kids names to be. If he’s a boy: Austin James Riches and if it’s a girl: Rosanna Lily Riches. I love him I just don’t know if he does me. I have these, mini anger issues where I slap/punch/thump someone when they get on my nerves. I get migraines, I’m normal. I need some help from you guys, please give me some tips ❤


Uh, hi.

Well, I guess no one who reads this blog knows who I am, so let me put myself out there. I’ve always been there, in the widgets, but now I guess I have to say something.

My name is ella. I don’t post much but that’s because I don’t have a lot of time because I’m having family problems. Let me start from the start, shall I?

I am technically an only child. I say technically because my two half brothers aren’t in my life. My oldest brother, Ashley, is 22 years old and in the army. My other brother, James, was put for adoption just after I was born. He is 12. Now my mom needs surgery and I’m breaking down inside. Don’t get me wrong. I SO want to be a doctor when I’m older, but this is major. I just lost my trust in the only guy who made me feel right, due to his lack of sensitivity when I told him my mom was in hospital. He just rolled his eyes at me and it smashed me up inside, you know? I am not going to lie to you guys. I hate crying, but I locked myself in my room when he practically tore my heart out of my chest and ripped into the littlest pieces, that will never heal. Dramatic, right?

So, uh.. Yeah… That’s how my life is going, hope yours is better.

The Birthday Bash!

hey guys great news my b-day is on this coming tuesday(9/24/13) OMG! yes!

I have been soooooooo happy I’m turning 12 yay!

but sorry don’t have time for birthday parties maybe on my 13th birthday but for now not much….

cuz I have my exams going on sooooo busy srry 

see ya guys later.Love ya!



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